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       As much as Elsa and I would love some more time together, our solo time is cut short, as someone clears their throat softly.  Elsa and I quickly separate our foreheads, softly blushing as we turn to look at the service matron, who is snickering quietly in the doorway.  “Forgive the interruption, Majesties, but Olaf has returned with the physician.”

       Several questions scream in my head from that once sentence, and before Elsa can do more than nod towards Gerda, I turn back to face her with wide eyes, gripping her hands tightly with a short squeeze to get her attention.  She sees the confusion on my face, and immediately knows how to answer my mental questions.  “Olaf showed up just a short time ago; the Aesir had released him.  ...I know right?!?”  She adds, seeing the bewilderment on my face.

       “But...h-how?  I mean, this is still good news though!, just wow,” I breathe out, laughing with the joy of having one of our allies returned to us.

       “It is wonderful indeed,” Gerda adds, as she turns to wave someone into the room.  The physician obviously, stepping inside with two of his assistants.  “While you two were having your reunion, I asked Olaf to fetch the physician, so he could reassess Kendra’s condition after her regaining consciousness.”

       Elsa nods with approval and gratitude.  “A wise choice, Gerda.  Thank you.”

       Meanwhile, the physician and his two assistants had set down their supplies on the nearby dresser, getting things ready for when they began their treatment.  As Gerda steps back out into the hallway with a soft bow, they approach the bedside where Elsa and I are sitting.  I suddenly feel very nervous, and clench Elsa’s hands tighter with apprehensive fear, reduced to a timid child.

       “Don’t worry,” she softly soothes, “they won’t hurt you, and I’ll be right here the whole time.”

       I swallow hard, nodding my reply as the head physician removes his glasses.  “Alright,” he begins, “let’s have a look as those injuries, see how they’re healing.”  His voice is oddly comforting, smooth as honey, and warm as a summer breeze.  I feel much less nervous as he begins to gently strip away the bandaging from my upper body....but then I suddenly freeze up, face beaming a bright red light at everyone.


       As if knowing my modesty and discomfort, the man merely chuckles.  “Do not worry, your highness, I promise you are in good hands.”

       I know he’s right, and of course I’ve been to doctors at home all my life, for check-ups and such.  But for some reason, it’s different here... Maybe it’s because... “E-Elsa?”

       She smiles warmly, giving my hand a gentle squeeze.  “I’ve watched them treat you before, don’t worry.”  When I blush more, she softly chuckles before squeezing my hand again.  “I was hoping to pay special attention to your wounds, how they heal, and how the physician treats them, in case something like this happened again and I had no choice but to treat you myself.  But I won’t look this time if you don’t want me to.”

       I swallow hard, and take a deep calming breath, the physician still waiting patiently for me so he can continue.  “Well...i-it’s not just that... I mean...that was part of it, but...I-I’m just...scared is all...of what it’ll look like... I can tell just from the feel that they’re really bad wounds...and I’m just scared to see them...that’s all...”

       Surprised over the main reason, Elsa smiles softly with empathy and understanding.  “Ohh’s alright.  You’re here, you’re alive, and your wounds will heal, no matter how much time it takes.”

       I shakily nod, as a smile slowly creeps onto my face.  “Yeah, you’re right...”  I take a deep breath to calm myself, exhaling it quickly to rid myself of my discomfort.  I know I need to be treated, so I can’t be allowing my modesty to be a hindrance.  I regard the physician, “Ok, you can continue,” and he nods back with a warm, understanding smile.

       I swallow hard as the last of the layers of bandaging are cut away, and when they start to remove the gauze, I cringe with pain, the wounds still protesting in any way possible.  The air stings to the exposed wounds, the movements of my flesh hurt, and I don’t know what to expect when I open my eyes...

       It’s then that I hear a shocked gasp, but it’s not from who I expected... “My word...!” the doctor exclaims, causing me to gaze between him and Elsa in curious concern.  “These’ve healed themselves more than should be possible in just two days!”

       Baffled by his words, I finally chance a peek, and gaze down at myself to see what he’s talking about......and gape, lungs ceasing to breath at the sight.

       I don’t know what the heck the doctor is talking about, but I look awful!  My skin looks like someone doused it with some kind of abrasive agent, or rubbed it raw, or scraped it along concrete or asphalt.  My entire torso is also discolored from the remnants of a huge bruise, mingling with the red look of raw meat, and I can’t stop balking as the assistants keep removing the bandages from around my lower body.  The raw looking mess that is my skin just keeps on going...even as each layer is removed...and it makes me feel sick.  Seeing my own body like’s really hard to fathom or accept.

       I slowly turn my head to view my right shoulder, and see the same abrasions halfway down my upper arm.  I turn to my left, seeing the same issue here, and when I see the stab wound from that first arrow, my breath hitches in my throat as I nearly gasp.  I feel the last of the gauze being pulled away, and stare down at the tops of my legs, where that same raw looking mess is adorning my flesh like a costume.  I blush a bright red as I quickly yank one of the blankets back over me, covering my bared body as I hold it in front of me.  My face almost hurts with the intensity of my blushing, unable to believe I’m having to sit here, butt freaking naked, in front of these people.

       Including Elsa...

       The physician and his two assistants pause in surprise at my actions, as does Elsa, who carefully places a hand over one of mine, which is clenched into a tight fist around the top of the blanket.  “Kendra...”  I reluctantly lift my eyes to meet hers, and she smiles reassuringly.  “Hey, it’s ok, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  You protected me, saved my life, and now you’re being treated by the best medical professionals in this entire kingdom.  So you’re safe, I promise...”

       I hesitantly nod, eying the physician nervously.  “ is is this healed?!?  I look awful!”  My voice, starting out weak and scared, ends on a disbelieving note, nearly shrieking with panic.  The doctor was shocked at what he saw, and so was I.  But we had two, very different reactions.

       The man merely chuckles, as he places his large hands gently on my shoulders, very careful of my still damaged body.  “Because my dear...your injuries were just that bad when we started this two days ago.  While it is true that you still look worse for wear...I honestly did not expect you to look this good compared to then.”

       Seeing the utter shock and raw honesty in his eyes, I can almost see the words “it’s a miracle” playing in his mind.  I find myself both immensely relieved, but still worried upon his words.  “So badly was I hurt?  Could...could you both please explain the last few days to me?”  I look to Elsa as well, wanting a full explanation of what’s happened since the battle.

       “Explanations can wait, your highness,” the physician gently commands, as he removes his hands from my shoulders.  “First we must still treat your injuries, regardless of how....unbelievably fast they seem to have healed themselves.”  He turns to his medical equipment, and while one of his assistants takes notes, he and the other gently examine the three wounds along my back.

       I listen carefully to the things they mutter back and forth, hearing things like “the infection from the metal has gone way down”, and “healing like this should’ve taken weeks, or even a month...”  I simply can’t comprehend how badly my injuries could’ve been if I’ve healed this much, nor how I’ve healed this fast.  It makes no sense to me.  I listen closer as I hear things like “even the ripped flesh has healed remarkably well” and “scarring is doubtful from the looks of things, even along her torso”.

       The silence otherwise is indescribable, and I revert to simply gazing at Elsa.  She’s listening intently to what the doctors are saying, watching them carefully as they examine my backside.  When they finally start to patch me up, I see her eyes scrunch slightly in deep concentration.  She’s paying extra close attention, making sure to learn as much as she can for next time.  Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but you can never be too safe...

       When they return to treating my front, I reluctantly lower the blanket back to the bed, and keep my eyes shut as my face burns with embarrassment.  I’m sure Elsa is still taking mental notes, as the physicians do a full examination before bandaging up my front as well.  My fists are clenching the blankets so tightly, I’m sure my knuckles are white, but I don’t dare open my eyes.  It’s as if preventing myself from seeing them is somehow making it so they can’t see me.  At least, that’s how I’m tricking myself, somehow making this severe awkwardness easier, and keeping my anxiety down.  I mean, I know it’s a doctor’s job and all, but I still can’t help my degree of modesty...

       When fresh gauze is over my wounds, and they start wrapping the bandages in place, Elsa places her hands over mine, and speaks gently.  “Are you that embarrassed by this...?”

       “Y-...yes...” I admit, opening my eyes and gazing at nothing in particular.  “I just, don’t like people to see me...even if it’s a medical professional... I’m extremely modest about my body...and just...I dunno...I’m sorry...”

       “Hey don’t be sorry, it’s ok to be modest...” she soothes.  “I promise I’m not looking anywhere you would be uncomfortable with, only watching for medical purposes.”

       Though her words make me blush more, I softly nod as I force my eyes to meet hers.  “I know...”

       She smiles compassionately.  “Would you prefer if I didn’t watch?”

       I swallow hard, knowing it’s too late now, especially if she’s observed this before.  “ mean, you’ve already watched before so...I mean I know I was unconscious then but, well I guess it’s ok since it’s you...I dunno...”  I finally give up at explaining myself, defeated by my own embarrassment.  “Just, do what you wish, I’ll be fine.  Besides, I’m already covered up now anyways, so it’s not like it matters,” I manage to chuckle.

       Elsa softly chuckles with me, gently giving my now loosened hands a reassuring squeeze with a soft nod, before returning to watching the doctor’s handiwork.

       I have to keep my eyes on her to distract myself, and it works better than I expected.  My shyness seems to leave as I watch her, and I can’t help but become fascinated with the look of deep concentration on her face, watching the light flicking of her eyes as she observes even the most minute of details.

       When the patch job is finally finished, Elsa subconsciously nods, just the tiniest bit, to herself, making yet another mental note I can only guess.  She finally feels my eyes on her, and when she catches my gaze, she softly blushes as I snicker.  “What?”

       “Oh nothing,” I giggle, “just watching you is all, fascinated by your quirks of concentration.”  Elsa blushes a little more, and I stick my tongue out at her in good fun.  She gives me a teasing smirk, before joining me in a short bout of laughter, the doctors packing up the remainder of their supplies.

       “Alright, we’re all finished,” the physician proclaims, dismissing his two assistants as they take some of the supplies with them, leaving only his own bag and the notes they took.

       “And your prognosis?”  Elsa inquires.

       “Honestly, I’m baffled at how she was able to heal so quickly!  Her condition is...remarkably stable!  Her fever is gone, her hypothermia is practically finished, and even her wounds from those arrows are mere shallow punctures!  Queen Elsa, you friend’s condition, compared to what it was two days ago, has improved tenfold!  She will definitely make a full recovery, than I can promise you!”

       Elsa and I beam happily, tears of pure joy and relief brimming in her eyes as she tries to wipe them away.  “That is wonderful news!”

       He nods before his smile softens.  “However, I still need to do a couple of tests, just to ensure her mental health has improved just as much.”

       Elsa nods her approval, but I merely look between the two of them with utter confusion.  

       “ mental health?”

       “Yes,” the physician answers, as he grabs a few things from his bag.  “You hit your head pretty hard, and I need to make sure there’s no brain damage from your fractured skull, as well as any effects from the mild coma you just came out of.”


       The doctor merely chuckles at my shout of shock, setting a few things onto the bedside behind me for easier access.  “A mild one.  That you thankfully pulled out of before you really got into dangerous ground.  Now, watch my finger...”

       And with that, a few simple tests begin before I can say any more.  I watch his finger with my still confused eyes, tilt my head a few directions, answer some personal questions, like what is my name and birthday and favorite color, and what I know about Elsa and the kingdom, and finally he begins to inspect the back of my head while doing some...weird things.  He takes notes, and finally claps his hands together to signal he’s finished.  “Alright, you’re all clear.  No brain damage, and your skull seems to be completely healed as well.”

       Though overjoyed, I’m now more confused than ever.

       “Awesome!  Now, doctor please, I need to know what happened!  If there’s no more tests, or treatment, or anything that needs to be done, please, tell me what happened!”  I turn to look at Elsa, pleading with her as well.  “Please...”

       She softly smiles at me, before glancing up to her doctor and nodding.  “Very well,” he speaks, repacking his supplies into his medical bag.

       “I’ll start,” Elsa states, gently, but still with that bit of firmness to resume her role as queen.  She holds my hands in hers, and I can feel them growing cold as she recounts the events of two days ago, starting with the moment I took that attack...

       The doctor takes over when necessary, stating my condition and prognosis after I was first treated.  I can only listen to the two of them, absorbing their words with stunned shock.  I feel my heart stopping a few times, my stomach doing flips, even after Elsa excuses the physician, leaving us alone for her to continue the story on her own.  She admits to me about how she never left my side, barely eating or sleeping, how worried she was, about her earlier slip-up with her powers inside the room, how she had to flee without risking my health or safety.  She tells it all...and when finished, her hands are still cool, but are slowly warming back up as she again revels at how perfectly healthy I am.

       Despite me still processing all of the information thrown at me, Elsa scoots closer to me and gently takes me into her arms, cuddling me close as her heart pounds with love and sweet relief.  “I’m so glad you’re ok... I don’t know what I would do if I’d lost you...”

       After everything that has been said to me, learning of the horrors Elsa went through to save me from drowning, to get me back to the castle for treatment, of just how badly my injuries were two days ago, of the intense worrying Elsa did on her own, after hearing all of that, the first thing that comes to my mind is the last thing Elsa ever expected.  “And to’ve only known me for two weeks, and I’m not even your blood sister.  If I were Anna, then you would’ve been a lot worse with all this.”

       Elsa tenses up with both surprise, and worry at this thought, and I immediately pull away to look at her face.  “I-I’m sorry, that was very wrong of me to say!  It was rude and insensitive... I’m so, so sorry...”

       Elsa shocks me by snickering, holding a hand to her mouth as she fails to contain her emotions.  “You’re right, I would be worse with Anna.  Not to say I wasn’t already bad enough with you~”

       This time, she sticks her tongue out at me, and I can only bust out laughing at the pure irony, and the hilarity of it all.  And I have to tease her for it.  “Darn, if only I had ice powers, I could freeze your tongue like you did to me.  Twice.”  This only causes her to bust out laughing, both of us gently clinging to the other as we remain cuddled on the bed, hugging as we calm ourselves.

       “Y’know Kendra, I’m surprised at how well you took our explanation of your injuries.”

       I softly rub my nose with a soft, sheepish blush.  “Maybe I just exhausted myself already, depleted my supply of shock, during the treatment.  Besides, when I woke up I could tell I was hurt pretty badly.  And the doctor said it himself: I’ve done at least a month’s worth of healing in two days.  Two days!  How the heck is that even possible?”

       Elsa can only shrug, her smile still on her face.  “Maybe it’s got something to do with your powers?”

       I can only beam at her, as if I’d just received a great gift.  “I was wondering the same thing!  Maybe it is.  Wonder if we could test it to see?”


       I can only laugh as she shakes her head with a sigh.  “What am I gonna do with you?”

       “Just love me I guess~” I tease back at her, eliciting a snicker from her.

       “I guess~, if you’re lucky that is~”  She sticks her tongue out again, and this time I actually try to grab it with my fingers.  She actually squeals in surprise at the motion, thankful that I missed, but I wasn’t really aiming to actually grab her tongue anyways, merely simulating the motion to scare her.  And sure enough, it worked!  I can’t help but laugh at her reaction, and she feigns annoyance at me.  “Har dee har har.”

       “Oh come on, it was funny!”

       She smiles deviously.  “Maybe so, but just you wait until you’re healed missy.”

       As if knowing what she’s planning, I squeak as I gently wrap my arms over my stomach, as if protecting myself from the future tickling fit she’s hinting at.  Elsa can’t stop herself from honestly giggling at me, enjoying the reaction she got from me.

       But having my hands on my stomach reminds of something I noticed during the treatment process.  “Hey Elsa?  I noticed that my belly button piercing wasn’t there... Was it...destroyed in the fight...?”

       Elsa stops at my question, which sounded sadder than it should have.  She smiles reassuringly, before softly shaking her head.  “No, it was still there and was somehow unharmed.  Though the physician was greatly confused by ‘the odd piece of decorative metal in your naval’.”  She uses her fingers to make air quotes, and can’t help snickering with me at the doctor’s description of my piercing.  “We removed it to ensure proper healing from your injuries, and I’ve got it in a safe place so it wouldn’t get lost.”

       I sigh softly with relief, glad to know that it’s still here.  “Thank goodness... That’s my favorite one, and honestly the only one I wear anymore.  I love yin yangs, and having one as a piercing is just perfect.”

       Elsa slightly rolls her eyes, gently poking my nose and causing me to squeak.  “I never would’ve pegged you as someone who would pierce their belly button.”

       “Heh, you and everyone else,” I giggle.  “I’ve had this piercing for 3 years now, and I love it.  Though it really hurt, so honestly I probably won’t ever re-pierce it if I have to let it grow back for any reason.”

       “I can understand,” she replies, before adding “you’re a brave soul.”

       “Tchh, more like young and stupid,” I scoff, unable to stop myself from laughing.  “At least I don’t have any tattoos.  Not that I want any anyways.”

       Elsa starts snickering quite uncontrollably, and I actually start snickering at her, even though I have no idea what’s got her so tickled.  “Ohh gosh, I could just imagine, you getting a tattoo of a giant snowflake on your back, representing your love for Frozen!  Or!  Or even the Frozen logo!”

       She laughs even harder, eyes welling up with tears as she finds herself unable to stop, while I just sit in silence for a moment......before I finally lose it too.  “PFFFFFFF-ff-ff-ffff!”  My laughter explodes, tears also leaking from my eyes as I just imagine this very scenario, even though Elsa was being purely humorous and knows I would never get a tattoo.

       But this time, we also hear another set of giggles coming from the doorway.  The unexpected new sound halts both of our laughter, as we both turn to see who the source is, and see none other than Olaf waddling in, big grin set on his bubbly face.  “Gerda told me to wait, but I can’t wait any longer!  I wanna meet our new friend!”  He giggles as he approaches the bedside.  “Hi I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”

       I snort as I start laughing anew, my first meeting with the snowman including his trademark introductory catchphrase.  I somehow manage to get myself under control so as to not be rude, and so I can introduce myself to him too.  “Hi Olaf, my name is Kendra.  It’s nice to meet you,” I smile at the snowman, who is beaming when he stops by the bedside.

       “Oh I know who you are!  Elsa told me all about you!”

       I glance at her, trying to look mischievous, but I have trouble smirking through my shy modesty.  “Oh did she now?”

       “Yup!  She also said you were her true love!”

       Elsa and I both blush the deepest shade of scarlet you can imagine, our gazes flying towards each other with the highest level of shock possible.  We both know that it’s a misunderstanding, but we can’t stop our hearts from thundering loudly in our ribcages, faces alight with blushing fire.  The normally regal queen is reduced to a flustered 21 year old girl, as she tries to immediately rectify the situation, throwing her hands up in defense.  “I-it’s not like that!  I swear!”  She immediately turns back to the snowman beside us, continuing without missing a beat.  “You’re the one who said it, Olaf!  I mean, I did agree with you, kind of, b-but not in that way!  That whole conversation was complicated!  I-I told you what it was really like!  There’s no romance involved!”

       “Ohh that’s right,” Olaf states, thankfully grabbing our full attentions onto him, and away from each other.  “You did describe it as something else... Now what was it...?”  He thinks rather hard on this, his stick hand along his snowy chin.

       “I said it was like me and Anna!  Several times!  That’s different from what you’re thinking!”

       “Oh yeah,” he giggles, “I guess that does make sense now.”

       The sigh I hear from Elsa sounds very exasperated, as if this has been a long struggle.  “Finally you understand...”

       “Do not hold it against him, Elsa.  He has been affected by the Aesir’s dark magic, that’s all.”

       Elsa and I both shoot our gazes at the doorway, surprised by the unexpected voice we both know, and it’s just what I needed to snap myself out of my frozen state of shock from that...unexpected exchange from Olaf.

       “G-Grand Pabbie?!?  W-what are you doing here?!?”

       The wise troll merely chuckles at my question, making his way inside as Kai steps into the room as well.  “Queen Elsa, I humbly apologize for the delay...”  The exhausted looking manservant bows to us, and I turn to gaze confusedly at Elsa.

       “That’s alright Kai.  Thank you so much for getting Pabbie for me.”

       The man nods before excusing himself, leaving Elsa, Olaf and I alone with the elder troll.  She stands from the bed and brings a stool closer, allowing Pabbie to stand at a better level to see me with, while Olaf goes to watch the fireplace.

       “Elsa, I don’t understand what’s going on now...”

       “It’s ok,” she chuckles, “I had sent Kai to the Valley of the Living Rock with special instructions, hoping that he could bring Pabbie back with him to help with your condition.”

       The troll nods, warm smile still on his stony visage.  “As much as I hate having to leave the valley much, this is a special circumstance that I would be out of my mind to ignore.  As it is, I can sense the faint touches of dark magic still shrouding your body,” he states, taking one of my hands in his.  He closes his eyes for a few moments, concentrating on what is happening to me, before smiling wide with warm eyes.  “Your magic has grown, and I can tell you’ve mastered it more since the last time we met.”

       I nod, smiling sheepishly as I recall how Elsa and I were actually having a little fun during the last segment of the battle.

       “I can also tell you were gravely injured,” Pabbie admits with a serious voice, perfectly matching his tone when he spoke to Anna about her frozen heart.  “However, it appears that your magic has the ability to greatly speed up your body’s natural healing process, allowing your wounds to heal much faster than they usually would, which is how you are awake now.  Otherwise, with the injuries you had sustained, you probably would’ve fell into a deep coma, never to awaken, finally succumbing to your wounds and perishing.”

       Elsa and I both gasp at his words, our hearts sinking as our stomachs do flips.  “No...” she weakly breathes, the temperature dropping with her words.  I reach over and take her into my arms, pulling her to me as I try to cuddle away her worry.  She responds by wrapping her arms around me in return, head against my chest, and letting the rhythm of my heartbeat calm her along with my body’s warmth.

       “It’s ok Elsa... I’m right here... Listen to my heartbeat... I’m ok... I’m alive...”

       I can feel her warmth slowly returning, and lean my head against hers for further comfort.  As Pabbie resumes speaking, we both return our attentions to him, listening intently to his words.  “Yes well, as I said, Kendra’s powers are something special indeed.  However this does not mean you are invincible, and you shouldn’t take this recovery power lightly.”

       “Oh don’t worry I won’t!  I’m not gonna overstep my boundaries with my powers!”  I fiercely proclaim this with all the honesty I can muster, hoping Pabbie believes me.  When he nods and smiles, I let my face relax from the determined frown, smiling with my own relief.

       “ there something I should be doing right now?”  The three of us gaze at Olaf in surprise at his very odd, and unexpected question.  It actually takes Pabbie grabbing one of my and Elsa’s hands to grab our attentions back onto him.

       “The Aesir did strange things to him while he was captured.  They tried to tap into his magical energies, as he is a creation of your own magic, Elsa.  Most likely they wanted to figure out how to beat your magic, seal it away, or even use it for themselves.  Since he has returned, they must have failed with any of their attempts, and considering him useless, set him free.  Though his mind and personality have been temporarily altered from their dark magic, which would explain why he is acting as he normally wouldn’t.”

       Elsa puts her face in her free hand, groaning slightly with exasperated annoyance.  “That explains a lot... So now what can we do?  Is there any way you can fix him, Pabbie?  Return him to the Olaf we all know and love...?”

       The troll smiles warmly and nods, releasing our hands as we both beam happily at him.  “It may take some time, but I’ll see what I can do.  In the meantime, why don’t you two get some food?  Your servant admitted to me that you’ve hardly been eating, Elsa, and I’m sure Kendra is just as hungry after being unconscious for two days.”

       The two of us softly blush at each other, smiling sheepishly as we mentally agree with him.

       “I’ll have Gerda bring us some food right away,” Elsa says, standing from the bed and walking to the door.

       I watch Pabbie step down from the stool, walking over to where Olaf is, and having to pull him away from the fireplace before he melts.  I can’t help but snicker, having a moment to myself as the rock troll begins helping the snowman, and my unbiological sister of a queen talks with the service matron in the hall.  I think back on what Pabbie said about my powers, and smile with a giddy joy at the new aspect of my magic.

       I now have some amazing self-healing properties, and expedited recovery times.  How awesome is that?
Frozen Enchantment - Ch. 22
Here it is finally!  Chapter 22!  I try to work on these when I can, but between staying so busy, and sometimes just not knowing how to get the chapter started, it's hard sometimes with these updates... But I hope this is worth it!  A new aspect of my powers is revealed!  How will this change the rules of the game, if at all?!?

Stay tuned Frozen Enchantment fans!

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Kendra is me

An unexpected new pet

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2014, 5:48 AM
Yep, I now have a pet guys.  It's been 7 months since Tiny died, and now I have a new pet.  An unexpected one too.

A have a baby, bearded dragon.  Ahhh it's so cute!  And is so attached to me already~ X3

I'll post pictures later~ I'm in class now, hehe. ^^;

That is all~ Carry on citizens~

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