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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 25, 2015, 8:50 AM
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So yeah, I obviously (finally) saw Big Hero 6.  LOVED IT!!!  Omg it was so great!  Wasn't sure what I was expecting, but so many feels in this movie!  And omg I love Honey Lemon~ XD She's so happy and such a spazz in a good way.  She's hilarious, and she's so adorable in her hero outfit, ahh!  I'm starting to think I've got a thing for fictional females with long flowing hair, especially in helmets.  Like Jasmine in Pokemon has long hair, and Winona has long hair in a helmet.  What's with my favorite characters sharing these qualities?  I dunno. XD Either way, Honey Lemon is awesome!  And this movie was awesome, ahh!

I have a minor note that will posted at the bottom to avoid spoilers for people who haven't seen the movie yet.

I also love the newest MLP Equestria Girls movie, Rainbow Rocks.  I bought the soundtrack on iTunes, cuz it's so awesome!  Can't stop listening to it~ But I feel so bad for the blue girl of the villains, Sonata.  She's so mistreated by the other two. ;w;

Also....HELP ME!!!  I keep coming up with fanfic ideas, agh!  And yes, of course, (cuz it's me), they're self-inserts... I've fought it for months but I have one I may start writing for the world of How To Train Your Dragon... And another is in the world of Equestria Girls, which yes is a MLP fanfic cuz it's part of the show and things.  I'll post that in the bottom as another spoiler.  Ugh...I already have enough fanfics to write, and here I am coming up with more ideas, bleh...

Yes I have been working on the next chapter of Frozen Enchantment, and Tinkerbell and the Odd Talent, when I can around school.  God college is such a pain... The classes are butts, the work is butts, and two of the five teachers are jokes.  So anal about the work and shiz, and it drives me crazy.

Also.....did I mention I may have a fanfic (or just head canon) idea for Big Hero 6?  Ugh I seriously need help. |D

I don't think I'm forgetting anything...but I may be. XD Either way, the rest is below in the spoilers.  Beware if you haven't seen the movies Big Hero 6 or MLP Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.


Big Hero 6:

I do NOT understand why people ship Elsa with Tadashi, cuz one, HE'S DEAD PEOPLE!!!  And two, he dies pretty early on, so yes you get a good idea of the kind of person he is, but not enough to ship with someone really.  Especially in a crossover, agh!

*hates crossover ships with a burning passion, especially when they are completely impossible for other reasons*

MLP-FiM: Equestria Girls

For this fanfic idea I had, basically I'd be befriending poor Sonata (the blue siren), showing her friendship and how she's been used and unappreciated by Adagio and Aria.  I mean, their amulets were destroyed in the movie, so they're no longer sirens that can sing to feed off the negative energies of others, they're just simple teenage girls.  But I'm sure Adagio would still have other plans, and have trouble letting go of her villainous ways.  Poor Sonata just gets drug along, her and Aria simply being like the backup cronies in the background, but Aria was always more apt to go along with Adagio.  Now that their powers are gone, there's nothing holding them back from living normal lives.  I feel like Sonata would be a lot more apt to accept this, but again being dragged along by the other two.  Of course Sunset Shimmer and the other five (the Mane Six minus Twilight) would be hesitant after the stunt they tried with the Battle of the Bands, but I'd turn that around on them, saying that if they could give Sunset Shimmer a second chance after what she tried, then they could do the same for Sonata, and they couldn't just pick and choose.  I mean everyone deserves a chance at friendship.  Plus if you've seen the movie (which I recommend cuz it's really good) then you'd see how Sonata just goes along with whatever, and is usually in good spirits.  I'd love to give her a big hug and tell her that it's all gonna be ok. ;u;

Ugh, I already have this crap planned out...I'm so gonna write these, I already know it...

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Wow I nearly copied her exactly. XD Didn't mean to.  Whoops. ^^;



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